Webtrigger returning 424 Failed dependency

I have tried setting up a webtrigger both in my own app and just using the example one here:


Going through the setup to get a url:

  1. Get the Forge installation IDs for the app by running. forge install:list
  2. Get the webtrigger URL using the Jira installation ID from step 1 by running. forge webtrigger <jira-installation-id>
  3. Set the environment variable by running. forge variables:set WEBTRIGGER_URL "<webtrigger-url>"
  4. Redeploy the app to use the environment variable. forge deploy

Both triggers return “Failed Dependency” when curl’ing them, presumably because it can’t find the webtrigger function.

{“timestamp”:“2021-03-18T12:27:52.678+00:00”,“path”:“xx”,“status”:424,“error”:“Failed Dependency”,“requestId”:“xxx”}%

Does anyone have a hint where I am going wrong?



Hi @BrettB,

That error message usually indicates that your trigger function didn’t return an acceptable response - possibly because an error was thrown. You can try wrapping your function with a try/catch, and returning the error details. Something like…

try {
  // do the things
} catch (err) {
  return buildOutput(String(err), 500, 'Internal Server Error');