Updated Date field from Jira Service Management


On the customer view, we have the requests and we could configure the columns that appear there.
I’ve added the Created date and Updated date, an example below:

However, I don’t have access to the Updated date field using the Jira Service Desk API.
I’m using this service: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/service-desk/rest/api-group-request/#api-rest-servicedeskapi-request-issueidorkey-get

Is there any way to retrieve this data from the customer view?

Best regards,
Mário Ferreira.

Good point, @MarioFerreira.

I don’t know if there is a way to do it through the service-desk API. Have you tried all the expand parameter options?

The only work-around I can think is ask the link sent in _links.jiraRest, which will give you the full data from the underlying issue.

Hi @ibuchanan, yes, I’ve tried all the expand fields options without success.

It doesn’t seem to be possible to retrieve this data from the service-desk API.
Should this be an improvement on your side?

Asking by the _links.jiraRest doesn’t seem to be an option, the customer may not have permissions to call that service from Jira Software API.