TaskContext.getConfigurationMap() returns different values on local and remote agent


I’m trying to create a Bamboo Test Parser task but I have some weird problems executing it on a Remote Agent.

The task has some configuration parameters (a string/text input, two booleans/checkboxes) that control the flow of the task.

The configuration is implemented as a class extending AbstractTaskConfigurator, the required UI for the configuration is provided using a freemarker template.
In my task class (implementing TaskType), I read the parameters from the taskContext using TaskContext.getConfigurationMap() method. After reading, I’m adding the value of the parameters to the log.

When I run the plugin on the local agent provided by the Bamboo 6.9.2 instance created by atlas-run, or on a local agent on our company’s productive Bamboo (7.2.1), everything works as expected. The values configured in the plan configuration appear correctly in the log (see log snippet below).
→ When running on a local agent, the plugin does exactly what I would it to do.

However, when I execute the plugin on one of our Remote Agents, the boolean values stored in the configuration always return “false” regardless of the setting in the plan configuration. The string parameter however is correctly returned from the configuration. (see log snippet below)

Did anybody encounter this issue before or can help me to fix it?

Thanks and best regards,

Screenshot of the configuration:

Log snippet from the Local Agent:

simple 02-Mar-2021 12:35:51 FilePattern: ctest.xml
simple 02-Mar-2021 12:35:51 IgnoreFailingTests: true
simple 02-Mar-2021 12:35:51 VerboseMode: false

Log snippet from the Remote Agent:

simple 02-Mar-2021 12:31:48 FilePattern: ctest.xml
simple 02-Mar-2021 12:31:48 IgnoreFailingTests: false
simple 02-Mar-2021 12:31:48 VerboseMode: false