Security Alert from Atlassian: Email Survey

Hi all,

We recently became aware that an individual not associated with Atlassian sent an e-mail survey to many of our Marketplace vendors.

The e-mail, which was sent within the last seven days, was from “Marketplace Feedback” with the subject line “Need your feedback on Atlassian Marketplace”.

This e-mail survey was not sent by Atlassian, nor approved by our company. If you received this e-mail, please disregard and delete it, and instruct other individuals at your company to do the same.

We are continuing to investigate the issue. We do not have more information to share at this time, but will publish updates in our Security Alerts developer community category10 as more information becomes available.

Thank you,

Peter Van de Voorde


A similar email was received with subject Atlassian would like to promote your app! from with a link to a Google Forms survey. Was that email address also compromised?


That survey was initiated by Atlassian, as mentioned here:

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As @remie mentioned, the Survey with subject

Atlassian would like to promote your app!


Is indeed one initiated by us.

Any update on how this happened? I can’t even remember what the form asked for.

@jloh: We’re still investigating.

Any update now? Its been some months.