Removing legacy web-resource loading feature flag

What is changing?

We have removed support for sd.frontend.legacy.webresource.loading.customerportal feature flag, and it will no longer function as intended.

This includes using the feature flag as a workaround to load global web-resources in our pages.

Why is it changing?

The sd.frontend.legacy.webresource.loading.customerportal feature flag was included in 4.6.x as a fallback if global web-resources were expected to be in Jira Service Management.

As part of retaining our performance improvements, and reducing our technical debt for our engineers, we are now fully committed to loading our pages asynchronously.

What do I need to do?

  • Disable sd.frontend.legacy.webresource.loading.customerportal feature flag and test your plugin/s behave as expected
  • If you require any global web-resources to be available in Jira Service Management, explicitly import them in your plugin. You can find a full list of these dependencies here.

If your plugin/s have been updated to no longer rely on global web-resources then these changes should not affect you.

By when do I need to do it?

This change is included in our JSM 4.17.0 release, expected to be available in May 2021.


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