Removing legacy AUI CDN infrastructure


What’s changing and why?

We are removing some legacy infrastructure over the next month and are advising everyone to check their application codebases for any references to the AUI CDN URLs. If your application relies on the AUI CDN you should confirm that you are getting AUI assets using the AUI CDN domain, e.g.

The AUI CDN only hosts legacy AUI versions from 5.2.0 to 6.0.9 so this would probably not apply to the majority of applications out there, however if you do use the CDN then make sure you only request these assets using the AUI CDN domain -

What do I need to do and by when?

If you rely on the AUI CDN make sure you use the domain only.
We recommend using only the following delivery methods for any AUI assets:

If you do not use any of the supported means of delivery then we cannot guarantee those assets will continue to be available after January 22, 2021 .

We strongly encourage people to upgrade to AUI 7+ and move off the AUI CDN all together if possible