Question about POST /rest/usermanagement/1/user/attribute

According to the documentation, this takes a username as an argument. What happens if the username is in more than one directory (which I assume is possible based on uk_username_dir_id)? Does it apply to all directories?

Hi @robertegan305!

Thanks for asking this question!

When making a POST request to aforementioned endpoint, one needs to authenticate as an application (it is not the user name and password of user in Crowd or Crowd’s admin, those are the credentials of application as defined here). While handling this request, Crowd will update attribute of a user in the first writable directory containing the username, mapped to the application (application which credentials were supplied for authenticating this request).

In general REST API in /usermanagement path is meant for the applications that are connected to Crowd.

Hope that helps!
Marcin Kempa