New Partner FAQ

This resource is intended to be a “Quick-Start Manual” for brand new partners rather than full documentation. This introduction is designed to help people find their way to important resources and get started.

Stay in the loop

  1. Request access to the private Marketplace Partner categories on CDAC. This is a great way to converse with other Marketplace Partners about topics specific to listing apps on Marketplace. Fill out a ticket here.
  2. If you have at least 1 Paid-via-Atlassian app, request access to the Partner Portal. The Partner Portal has additional resources for partners looking to level up in the Marketplace Partner Program. Fill out a ticket here.

Search before posting!
Many of the topics that you have questions about have been asked many times before, and get the same answers each time. Before starting a new thread, search the forums for an answer.


I’ve submitted my app to the Marketplace, what now?
Now you wait for it to be reviewed by the partner support team. You should have received an email congratulating you on your new submission and linking you to a ticket. If you did not receive an email linking to an approval ticket, open an issue here, but check your spam filters first.

How long do I have to wait for the review?
Reviews typically take up to 5 days, but we review them on a first come first serve basis and some weeks are heavier than others. We try to let you know when that happens. Feel free to ping a Marketplace team member on the approval ticket if you think it might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

All updates will appear on the approval ticket. If there is a more recent approval ticket, there will be a field that redirects to that. Keep all new conversations to the most recent ticket. There is also a loose queue tracker that will roughly let you know your position in line.

What criteria are you reviewing for?
Everyone should have read the approval guidelines. If you haven’t, please read it now. Some of these checks are done automatically by background scripts that will reject automatically if your listing does not pass. If it does pass, you will receive a message telling you to hold tight until the review is done. We’ll communicate with you there if we find bugs, have suggestions about the listing, or need to talk to you for any other reason.

You’re taking too long to answer my question/review my app!
Our Marketplace support hours at 10 am - 6:30 pm, CEST and 10 am - 6:30 pm, PST, Monday - Friday. That covers the work week for Europe and North America. As much as we love the ecosystem community, we love our friends and families too. Thank you for your patience, I promise we’ll do our best to help you soon.

My app is approved and on the Marketplace, what can I do to increase sales?
Make full use of this community by asking your fellow partners. Watch this video about how to market your app. Consider applying to the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program. Harness the power of SEO.

I have problems with my app development, who can I talk to?
Ask the community! The ecosystem community exists to help each other with dev questions. Just be sure to ask those in the development forums for the specific product, which is NOT this section of the community website. You can also use our developer docs site.

I have feedback for the Marketplace.
Raise it here and we’ll take a look. Feedback is part of a healthy Ecosystem.

I’m done supporting my app. How can I delete my app from the Marketplace?
We understand that not every app will flourish in the Marketplace and there may come a time when you cut your losses and move on. If that time comes, you can raise a ticket on the partner support portal and our support staff will help you to archive the app (we do not delete apps unless they never made it to production). Keep in mind, if your app has active customers and at any time had a payment model of Paid-via-Atlassian, that you entered a contract with the customer to support them until the end of their maintenance. You will need to do the following:

  • Communicate the upcoming EOL to your customers. We strongly suggest 90 days notice as a minimum.
  • Remember that under the terms you have agreed to you are obligated to support your current customers for the terms of any maintenance they have already sold. So for example, if a customer bought the Server app last week, you must support them for 51 more weeks.
  • Archive/delete the listing(s) on the agreed date.
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