Make your app’s custom fields exportable for Data pipeline in Jira

On behalf of the DC Team, we’d like to share the details regarding the ongoing development of the Data Pipeline feature, which is distributed in Jira as a bundled plugin.

We are currently working on making it possible to export custom fields if they fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • The custom field is created via Jira UI using a default custom field type (such as Select List, Text Field)
  • The custom field uses a custom field type which implements the ExportableCustomFieldType interface from the public API (com.atlassian.jira.issue.export.customfield.ExportableCustomFieldType). It may apply to both default Jira custom field types and custom fields from plugins.

The exported custom fields will be added to the issue_fields_*.csv output file. There are no schema changes to this file at this point.

Testing your app

We’ve already added some changes related to exporting custom fields to Jira 8.16, but we’ve disabled them by default. Until we release EAPs for Jira 8.17 with more updates, you can enable this feature in Jira 8.16 by setting the data.pipeline.feature.jira.all.exportable.custom.fields.enabled property to true. This should help you test your app with these changes and make your custom fields exportable. We’re planning to enable this feature by default in Jira 8.17. We’ll keep posting updates on Preparing for Jira 8.17.


Exporting custom fields may increase the total export time. Our initial investigation found that the export took 9 times longer when all the custom fields were exported versus just the standard custom fields. The performance impact may change before official release.

Error handling

At the moment any type of failure related to the serialisation of the custom fields during the export will make the export fail. Details of the job failure should be accessible via Data Pipeline job GET endpoint and the log files.

If you have any feedback regarding this feature, please feel free to leave a comment below this post.


The DC Team


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