How do we prevent DEVHELP from being an information blackhole?

When we make issue reports via DEVHELP, we tend to spend tremendous amounts of time assembling and sharing details of the issues we encounter. Sometimes, these tickets get converted to public Jira tickets (for us these tend to be in CONFCLOUD), but rarely contain all of the great amount of detail provided in the original DEVHELP investigation. When an Atlassian goes to work such an issue, (for example CONFCLOUD-70690), they often ask for more detail – detail that we have already provided in depth in the original DEVHELP investigation. Why do Atlassians not have the ability to reference the original investigation?

Being asked to copy the contents of a DEVHELP into a CONFCLOUD ticket on behalf of Atlassians who should already have all of this information available to them is unwieldy and an unacceptable use of our time. Is there a solution to this problem on the horizon?


Hi @BobBergman,

Thanks for flagging this. Your post prompted me to dive into all recent tickets in DEVHELP queue that we converted into public Jira tickets. Based on what I’ve seen, the issue you described is not a commonality - however, I took notes for a couple of internal workflow improvements that will help to improve the process.

Digging deeper into your specific example, it turned out that one of the team members couldn’t access the DEVHELP ticket to see all details. We cleared this problem today and it shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

My team and I really appreciate you taking the time to provide all the details when submitting tickets to us. That helps us a lot to identify the right path in assisting you.


I believe this turned out to be an issue that the Atlassian didn’t know that the DEVHELP project was on and when they couldn’t find it assumed it was a permissions issue. We directed the Atlassian to the ticket via a link in a private message and they were able to access the ticket with no problem.

One thing we can all do when communicating is to make it easy on everyone when referencing other tickets in a comment/description and provide a link directly to the issue. Let’s not assume everyone knows how to find or knows where each project is located. A ticket number by itself does not include the information of what instance it’s on.

As an action item, I’ve updated the How to ask a good question guide with this guidance on directly linking to issues and documentation. I think it’s good advice whether it’s communicating on the Developer Community or a Jira Issue comment.