Dog fooding app frameworks

Today when I upgraded my Mac to Big Sur I watched the upgrade video from Apple’s VP of Human Interface (Alan Dye) and I liked that he ended it with this:
“We love the Mac, it’s the tool we use to make all the products that we put out into the world.”

I know that it will happen eventually, because it must, but I’d like to see some acceleration in the adoption of a dog fooding approach with Atlassian’s frameworks. There are some examples of it but there are also some Atlassian frameworks that are not used by Atlassian in their products (as far as we can tell).

For example, we often run into issues with Cloud Connect macros that would not have happened if Atlassian had implemented some of their key macros using Connect.

Start with the APIs. Organize APIs into public and private. Don’t let Atlassian developers write new code that doesn’t use the APIs. Don’t break backwards compatibility on a public API. Detect breakages of compatibility on public APIs before they go public. If you decide to break backwards compat then require an act of Congress to allow it.

Next: Don’t let teams at Atlassian write new macros/plugins/apps without using the macro/plugin/app frameworks that 3rd party developers use.



I totally and absolutely agree here!

Also, try to use a new Confluence editor while developing and configuring macros and see how “good” it is (

Still trying to figure out how to show a macro preview for the rich-text macros…