Developing a new integration for Jira Server

We’ve already made a cloud connect App. But we would like our application to also be able to integrate with JIRA Server instances, Webhooks + REST is all that is required. However in looking to get a local JIRA Server running to be able to develop against and test I can’t seem to actually get a license as they are discontinued.

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious here, but what’s the recommended way of going about this seeing as licenses are discontinued?


Did you consider developing on a Data Center Jira ?

The quickest way to start with creating a P2 app (which is atlassian speak for Server apps), is to look into the Atlassian Plugin SDK (

Eventually you will ditch it, but it’s a good way get started (albeit with some frustration).

Seems like an expensive route, not finding any sort of trial/cheap option (which makes sense as my understanding is its a fully managed instance). I guess this could be a last resort but I’m hoping there’s a better way to build a Jira Server integration that doesn’t require entering into an expensive sales contract.

I was looking through that, and unless I’m missing it without a JIRA Server instance to test against that would just be building it blind correct? Or is there a package in there that includes a like fake server to test against well building?

Look into the Atlas SDK CLI and more specifically atlas-debug or atlas-run-standalone

Ah so as expected it was right in my face and I kept running right past it. Thank you very much!

You can also get a Timebomb License for testing here: