Developer Community Water Cooler 🐃 ⛲️ 🌊

Yes, that is a water buffalo. :water_buffalo:

We miss hanging out with you at events. But just because we can’t hang out in person doesn’t mean we can’t use the internet to hang out. If you’re free, join me (and a few other folks from the DX team) on a casual Zoom call on 2021-02-05T17:00:00Z.

We don’t have anything planned aside from hanging out! If folks on the call are interested, we might could sneak in a game of :pencil2:.

Zoom link:

Google Calendar event:

We know this time doesn’t work for everyone… Dare we try to have a 24 hour Zoom call?! We’ll do these more often at more times. Have a time/day preference? Let’s hear it!


And if you’re looking for a chance to talk shop and have more substantiative conversations with other developers, there are two upcoming events I’d recommend checking out:

:point_up_2: A great place to dive into technical questions and ideas with an assortment of experts on Atlassian’s platform.

:point_up_2: A great place to ask marketplace-related questions and pitch ideas for feedback.

More details on both here: Community Lean Coffees in February