Crowd database IDs

I just installed the Crowd Server and I am looking at the database, which only has one user and one directory. I am wondering how the IDs are created, as there are no sequences in the database.

Hi @robertegan305,

Crowd relies on Hibernate’s style sequence generators. Is there anything in particular about those sequences you are interested with?
If you are looking on adding additional rows to database I would suggest using Crowd’s Java API

Hope that helps!
Marcin Kempa

Interesting. Because my newly installed Crowd database has 6 digit sequences. I would guess that if they use Hibernate, they are not starting with 1. Because I doubt crowd created several hundred thousand entities when I installed it.


It is not starting with 1 it is using other algorithm to ensure performance, and no it is not creating that many records on startup it is where it starts with the counter.

Marcin Kempa

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