Confluence app data migration EAP starts, changes to our app data migration within JCMA timeline

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Hi developer community,

Earlier this year we announced our plans to bring app migrations features to the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant and the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. These assistants are server and Data Center apps that provide a clear, easy-to-use UI and set of capabilities for migrating core Confluence space and Jira project data to cloud, including users, groups, issues, pages, attachments and more. Due to ongoing feature work, we continually see an increased adoption of the Cloud Migration Assistants over other migration methods.

Customer EAP for app data migration using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant starts!

We’re excited to announce that our customer EAP for app data migration using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) UI has officially started on March 15, 2021. In this first release the functionality will only be made available to customers who signed-up for the EAP. We will be requiring app migrations during EAP to be run by Atlassian Support Engineers, Marketplace or Solution Partners on behalf of the customers. This is what we call “assisted migrations”.

  • For more details on the EAP release process, you can refer to our last post in the developer community announcing updates on our timelines.

Customers will be able to find the list of participating apps in the MIG project over at (component = “Apps - Marketplace Partner”, component = "Confluence - Migration assistant") and in app assessment within the Cloud Migration Assistant to know which apps are available to migrate app data as part of the EAP.

Customers can check this filter to see how app development is progressing for Confluence apps or even communicate / ask questions directly to Marketplace Partners on the MIG tickets themselves.

Marketplace app support and readiness during EAP

If you have built or are planning on building a migration path using the app migration platform, or integrating your existing migration path with the Cloud Migration Assistants, we’ve published an App Data Migration Readiness Guide for Marketplace Partners, that includes a checklist of things to ensure you are ready to support customers ahead of our EAP and beyond, including:

General Availability for customers

The date when the functionality will be made generally available to all customers by default has yet to be scheduled (TBD) and is pending the results from our early access programs. We intend to announce the features at TEAM 21, and participating apps may have the opportunity to be featured at Partner Day and highlighted in our customer-facing channels as part of our Team 21 Wrap-up (Community, blogs, etc.).

Upcoming app migration platform milestones for CCMA

In February we announced the release of the Beta version of the app migration platform, introducing a more scalable, reliable, and secure platform and API’s.

Our next milestones for the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant targeted for Q2FY21 include:

  • MIG-433 - App’s module in disabled state after OSGI restart
  • MIG-288 - Custom content objects are not being imported during server to cloud migrations
  • MIG-303 - Add-on users are not migrated with space permissions
  • Final UI for GA release of App Migrations in CCMA

For more information on our cloud extensibility roadmap, see our Atlassian Platform for Developers Roadmap.

Important updates regarding our roadmap and timeline for app data migration support within JCMA

In January we communicated to the developer community the customer EAP for app data migration using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistants was scheduled to begin in April 2021. We’ve hit a few roadmap delays which has impacted this timeline. We are now aiming to have the JCMA UI available for a customer EAP starting sometime in May 2021.

The reason for this delay is that a number of the Jira API’s that Marketplace Partners have indicated are must-have requirements and critical for the customer app data migration journey, so we’ve had to adjust our roadmap to ensure these get delivered.

The following API’s are now expected to ship in May 2021:

We may be able to deliver these endpoints earlier to Marketplace Partners for testing purposes. Please watch the tickets above and follow the Cloud Migrations category in CDAC to receive notifications.

Please watch the tickets in our JAC project for updates on our development progress on additional migration platform and JCMA features. Additionally, you can find updates on those releases in our change log when they ship. Some updates may ship early, so we highly recommend voting / watching / commenting on the tickets in order to get updates.

If you have customers that are waiting to migrate with your app using JCMA, you can guide them to sign up for the EAP and Atlassian Support will create a MOVE ticket for them. (Atlassian migration support ticket on, which we will then use to communicate further updates and instructions on how to activate the app migration capabilities (via a feature flag). This process will enable us to manage how many customers participate in the EAP as well as provide a support ticket for communications. We will also update customers about the change on our Customer community post about the change in timeline.

For more details on how customers will interact with the UI, see this Readiness Guide which provides an overview of the EAP for Confluence app data migration which will follow the same process.

We need your help addressing the scalability of our API’s

If you are using Confluence and Jira Cloud API’s for your migration path, please fill out this form. As migration activity may be unusual for these API’s, we need to assess which API’s might be hit intensively during app migrations to avoid hitting our current rate limits.

See this article for more details about rate limiting in Jira and Confluence to help you anticipate rate limiting and manage how your app responds.

As always, thanks for your continued collaboration and engagement with our migrations team and initiatives.


JoJo Robyn,

Senior Program Manager, Atlassian Marketplace Partner Programs