AtlasKit Breadcrumb Component Build Error -> react-loosely-lazy -> 'Fallback' is not exported from './context'

I get a build error when using the AtlasKit Breadcrumb component with a create-react-app project. Once I use the Breadcrumb somewhere I get this error during build:

Attempted import error: 'Fallback' is not exported from './context'.

When I check where this error comes from:

yarn why react-loosely-lazy              
yarn why v1.22.4
[1/4] ๐Ÿค”  Why do we have the module "react-loosely-lazy"...?
[2/4] ๐Ÿšš  Initialising dependency graph...
[3/4] ๐Ÿ”  Finding dependency...
[4/4] ๐Ÿšก  Calculating file sizes...
=> Found "react-loosely-lazy@0.2.8"
info Reasons this module exists
  - "_project_#app#@atlaskit#breadcrumbs" depends on it
  - Hoisted from "_project_#app#@atlaskit#breadcrumbs#react-loosely-lazy"

It seems to come from the react-loosely-lazy and some wrongly imports/exports somehow.
I updated to latest breadcrumb version @atlaskit/breadcrumbs@11.0.2 but the error remains. I tried to open an issue on Atlassian Design System Jira, but I have no write access :frowning:

Does anyone else have this error or can tell me how to get rid of it, thanks :slight_smile: