Add additional fields to “Get long-running task” & “Get long-running tasks” REST API endpoint response objects

What is changing?

The LongTaskStatus object that is returned as part of the responses for the GET /wiki/rest/api/longtask and GET /wiki/rest/api/longtask/{id} endpoints is being updated. Three new fields are being added: status, errors, and additionalDetails. The planned release deadline for these fields is March 12, 2021.

These fields are populated using the first Message object in the Array<Message> messages. This object holds details about the task that is stored as a string in JSON format. Previously, this information needed to be parsed by the developer. With this change, the new fields below should make it easier to access this information.

status = String that represents the status of the long task, based on the key of the status within the first Message object

errors = Array of Message that represent errors, based on the errors within the first Message object

additionalDetails = Map<String,Object> that contains the remaining information within the the first Message object

Why is it changing?

This change is to help make the information returned to the developer about the status of long tasks more accessible.

What do I need to do?

There is no deprecation of existing fields, only 3 new additional ones.

Developers can take advantage of this by using these new fields in the response. Previously, they might have parsed through the messages field, but now they can access that information more easily by reading status, errors, and additionalDetails directly.

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