Add a user to a specific directory

Hi Community,

I want to create a user for a new directory in Crowd by REST API.

I created three directories:
Common: 131073
test-1: 786435
test-2: 786436

Json Object for a new user and a test directory with id 786435:
{“name”:“test-user”,“first-name”:“rob”,“last-name”:“otter”,“display-name”:“rob otter",“email”:"”,“active”:true,“directory-id”:786435,“password”:{“value”:“test”}}

The REST call works fine. The new user was added, but the directory-id is 131073.

If I check the Crowd Server then new “test-user” contains the first dircetory (131073) and not the second like “test-1 (786435)”

Can someone help me how to add a user to a specific directory?